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Marie is an avid QuickBooks user and supporter. She has used many accounting and bookkeeping software prior to using QuickBooks and when she was introduced to QuickBooks in 2002, she fell in love with its features, versatility, and user-friendliness. Since then she has used all Editions of QuickBooks and developed her QuickBooks skills and knowledge. She has trained many Small business owners in the New York Metropolitan region, as well as their staff, and has also tutored QuickBooks at the Technical Institute of America.

Being equipped with an Accounting degree and working in the accounting department for more than seventeen (17) years, Marie is the ideal QuickBooks trainer. She knows how to customize QuickBooks to suit any business needs regardless of its size, structure, or advanced needs.

QuickBooks has evolved with technology and has become even more diverse than its 2002 version.  It is now available on all platforms – Windows, Mac, and Online.  It is also built to work seamlessly with many third party applications, and that, topped with its many other functionalities, make QuickBooks the preferred accounting and bookkeeping software today.

QuickBooks is such a simple software to understand and use that its users do not necessarily need to have extensive accounting knowledge to use it; however, in order to accurately use the QuickBooks software you need to have a basic knowledge of accounting including debits and credits. What you put in, is what you will get out! So if the transactions are entered in their rightful places, the outcome on your reports will also be correct.

Since QuickBooks is a bookkeeping and accounting software, Marie will be including a bit of bookkeeping as part of the discussion on this blog. The main static website is geared towards teaching all that Marie knows and is still learning about QuickBooks and she decided to create this blog so she can have actual conversations with new QuickBooks users as well as advanced, who are seeking more information as well as looking to share what they know, and have continued dialogue.

Please feel free to join in the conversation and share your thoughts and knowledge.  Marie welcome and appreciate your input.

Feel free to share...

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